Wagner - Quality Vintage Cast Iron

Wagner Manufacturing did not have as much logo variation as Griswold, but their production quality and times of production closely parallelled Griswold. Bernard and Milton Wagner began casting iron in the 1880s with the official beginning of Wagner Manufacturing in 1891. Early pieces are identified by the name "Wagner" cast either in the 12 o'clock position on the pan bottom or in the center. The "Wagner" name can be either straight or follow a slight arc. Later versions included the addition of the name Sidney underneath "Wagner" with the letter O underneath Sidney.

By the 1920s, the word Ware started being included between "Wagner" and Sidney. That evolved into a logo using a large stylized "W" shared for for the words Wagner and Ware with Sidney underneath and - O - below the Sidney. That logo remained the same through the 1950s until Wagner's parent company moved production to Cincinatti.

COMMENTS: Pie logos were produced during the 1920s with all identifying marks included within a triangular shape similar in appearance to a slice of pie. Pie logo pieces are highly collectable. There are also Wagner 1891 Original Cast Iron Skillets that you will occasionally see, they were produced in the 1990s to commemorate 100 years of production and have no significant collectable value.

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